You should check yourself…

You should check yourself when you just got hit by a car.

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You should check yourself when…

You should check yourself when you complain your imaginary friend is not getting the recognition she deserves.

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Porn Connoisseurs

Them 3 Whistleblowers aka Porn Connoisseurs

Just to clarify, I rant in response to this and similar articles written in the various newspapers regarding this whole fiasco.

Context: 3 prominent Malaysians possess and screened a video of a key Malaysian opposition leader getting dirty with a hooker.

Now, what does it matter, that 2 people were fucking for a camera, as a pervy creep watched on? What does it matter? Why does news like this make front page of the newspapers, when there are other things that are direr? Why do we care? When did we start turning into pubescent bitches who do nothing but gossip? Sounds like just another teen movie. Side note, anyone watched Easy A? I still can’t decide if Emma Stone is hot or not. Hmmm.

Back to the topic. Now let’s assume that the person banging this female entity (well we can only assume, right? I mean, I haven’t seen the video, and I want to just cover my ass) is PKR’s very own Anwar. What kind of hypotheses can be drawn from the video?

  • He’s definitely not homosexual. Either Heterosexual or Bisexual or would fuck anything he can put his dick in.
  • He’s a cheater.
  • His wife doesn’t satisfy him.
  • He has a very odd relationship with a friend who turned out to be a totally unreliable friend.
  • He needs better friends.
  • Politics means you don’t have friends.

Ok, I got a little bored, and I can’t think of anything else to write. You can add to the list down in the comments if you like. But here’s my point. Just cause the person in the video is horny and doesn’t mind being filmed while fucking, it is my opinion is that the video is not an indication said person’s ability/inability to govern, except maybe that he needs to be more careful with his property.

Politics to me, should be this simple: Being able to identify and solving national issues, managing countries resources for greater good of people, representing country on international platform. While horny politicians make big national embarrassments, their horniness does not affect the food being on my plate, so long as they do their jobs with those boners. Sure it makes me lose my appetite, but at least I get my food goddammit.

Sure, Malaysia’s a conservative country, and sex is such a dirty word here. But hey, when we learn to let loose, and realize that a person’s sex life has no effect on our individual lives, and learn to respect others choices (good or bad) so long as they don’t affect us, mind our own business, we’d realize we have more time to work together and solve bigger problems that we all face, such as rising food prices and inflation, or the fact that a Caramel latte cost me 0.6% of my monthly salary while it only cost Australians 0.15% of their monthly salary.

Emma Stone in Easy A
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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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